Week 3 & 4 Video Analysis

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Strategic staffing is important for any company. CanGo has several projects already started, with new ones being developed; a good staffing strategy is going to be a key element for the near future. The staff that CanGo has is unproductive, the staff they need is non-existent. The ASRS systems are a good idea, it would free up staff for other areas, but it would also take staff away from already important projects.

The financial characteristics of the staffing issues are a problem ALSO. If the company purchases the new systems, will they have the funds to keep current staff while also hiring the new staff that is needed for continued progress?

The issues we outline below are a step forward in recognizing and solving some of the staffing problems that are affecting CanGo’s progress.

Week 3 Analysis
1. Issue: The new system that Jack has chosen is quite expensive.
Recommendation: Opt to start with only one ASRS instead of purchasing two at this time to see how product flows and if they really are in need for a second one.
Recommendation: CanGo can rearrange the picking and ordering stations to make them more efficient. If the flow is off now, rearrangement of the picking and shipping rooms might solve the problem for now until CanGo can find a cheaper ASRS system later.

Recommendation: CanGo needs to consider outsourcing on the new ARDS system. CanGo can find other arrangements in saving on cost and improving on benefits.

2. Issue: The new systems would pull personnel from other projects to work on integration.
Recommendation: Wait to integrate the systems until the online gaming project is up and running. Wait to integrate company systems until the IT personnel are less busy on new projects so as to not pull them off important projects with a tight deadline. Recommendation: Suggest giving it time to get used to the new setup of the warehouse, you can’t expect for a perfect flow during the first week. Recommendation: Hire...
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