Weblogs and Their Effects on Writing Skills

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Journal Writing on the web, or so-called web logs has become the most popular medium of communication among the youth. Hence, it is essential to ascertain how these web logs can be implemented in the classroom environment and study the students’ perception towards the approach. This study is action based in nature whereby the researcher has implemented the web logs in the classroom. A Content analysis was conducted to analyze the students’ writing using blogs. The students used their teachers web logs. These sessions were conducted in a few days to explore the students’ perception of this blogging phenomenon. The findings revealed that web logs act as an intermediary tool to improve literacy level through online communication and an access to experience creative and free expression through writing. Moreover, it is also noted that web logs allow students to engage actively in writing and improve motivation for learning without much pressure and anxiety. The application of web logs in English writing, learning environments facilitates, encourages and creates a conducive environment for the students’ acquisition of language

|Abstract |i | |TABLE OF CONTENTS |ii | | | | |CHAPTER ONE – INTRODUCTION |3 | |Background of the Study |3 | |Statement of the Problem |3 | |Objectives of the Study |3 | |Research Questions |3 | |Definition of Terms |4 | |Significance of the Study |4 | | | | |CHAPTER TWO – LITERATURE REVIEW |5 | |Scaffolding for Struggling Students: Reading and Writing With Blogs |5 | |A Space for “Writing without Writing”: Blogs in the Language Arts of Classroom. | | |Writing with Web Logs. |5 | |In the Classroom, Web Logs are the New Bulletin Boards. | | | |6 | |CHAPTER THREE – METHODOLOGY |6 | |Research Design | | |Sample / Population / Subject |7 | |Data Collection |7 | |...

Bibliography: INTRODUCTION
Web logs have been around for a number of years and are becoming increasingly popular with teachers (Selingo, 2004)
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