Webers Law on Visual Perception

Topics: Criminology, Sociology, Crime Pages: 5 (1286 words) Published: August 26, 2013

Stanley 1980
* Those acts and conditions that violate the norms and values present in society * The conditions that virtually cause psychic and material suffering for any segment of the population LIAZOS 1982

* Resulting in the conditions of inequality brought about capitalism as an economic system causing racism, sexism, worker alienation, exorbitant pieces of basic essential like food, medicine etc. Crime and its Nature

1. Crimes against National Security and the law of Nations. 2. Crimes against Fundamental Laws of the State.
3) Crimes against Public Order.
4) Crimes against Public Interest
5) Crimes against Related to Opium and other Prohibited Drugs 6) Crimes against Public Morals
7) Crimes committed by public Officers
8) Crimes against Persons
9) Crimes against Personal Liberty and security
10) Crimes against Property
11) Crimes against Chastity
12) Crimes against Civil Status of Persons
13) Crimes against Honor
Theories explaining why crimes do occur:
1. Classical Theory
2. Control Theory
3. Differential Association and Social Learning Theory
4. Societal Theory
5. Strain Theory
6. Psychological Theory
7. Subcultural Theory
8. Labeling Theory

Crimes causing Factors in the Philippines
1. The belief that culprits of crimes or their powerful patrons can fix things. 2. The really powerful people who are able to circumvent the law. 3. The known corruptibility of some policemen, lawyers and judges. 4. The high cost, long delays, personal inconvenience and embarrassment entailed in many criminal cases which favors the offenders. 5. The discrepancy between some acts which the law defines as unlawful and which the people do not see in the same light. 6. The concept that certain criminal offenses are actually or ought to be settled amicably. 7. The idea that which is public belongs to no me.

8. The adult criminals and juvenile delinquents who see their models as great men with prestige and glamour and the glorification of criminals by the mass media. 9. The existence of firearms in the possession of some citizens. 10. The swift justice out by dissidents in contrast to the uncertainty of legal justice. CRIME is one of the most dreadful social illnesses.

Violation of the law is not only confronted to adult behavior there are so called adult criminal and juvenile delinquent as well. Delinquency is most often found in the following instances:
a) Slum areas where diverse cultural standards flourish with little interaction. b) Families with parents characterized by drunkenness or criminality, ineffective household management, economic difficulties and low self- respect. c) Failure of children to experience real home.

d) Broken homes where husbands and wives separate either temporarily or permanently. e) Lack of supervision of young people who roam the streets of most cities. Educational Implications of Crime

Suggestions to the School Sector
1. Resort all possible means to make the students strongly develop the sense of belongingness in the school setting. 2. Remind the students of the bad elements in society and the dangers associated with relating with such elements or even emulating them. 3. Maintain a personality profile of each student.

4. Impress among the students the values of honesty and integrity. 5. Take extra precaution labeling the students, particularly those who present problems in behavior. 6. See to it that school rules and regulations are strictly and justly applied to every student, no matter what his status in life. 7. Identify and clarify the value of personality and accountability, whether the thing in question is personal public or private property. 8. Inculcate among the students the sanctity of marriage and the family the indispensable role played by the family and in nation building. 9. Train the...
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