Wrongful Convictions

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Wrongful Convictions 2
Causes of Wrongful Convictions There are three main causes of wrongful convictions in the United States. This leads to wrongful punishment and causes turmoil for everyone involved. It then creates multiple feelings on everyone’s behalf, therefore; leaving no choice but to choose sides. Should capital punishment be enforced or not enforced. To what extent do you believe the death penalty should be improvised?

Wrongful convictions are sought out by lawyers and police to determine if a criminal is guilty. Evidence and DNA is all part of the investigation that leads to an arrest. Once evidence is presented, the jury will then deliberate on what information and the evidence that was given. A verdict will be handed down at that time. Based on what the crime is, what type of punishment is given for the crime.

The first cause is based on what evidence is provided. Is it true and accurate, or presentable in court. Drug dealers, child molesters and robberies are all a major crime. These all have particular sentences in place for the crimes they commit. Murderers are looked at in a different way. Honest attorneys present all evidence and information that has been gathered for the case. This in turn could determine the conviction.DNA plays an important role in this evidence if it is acceptable .Today the accusation is the evidence.Thus, the criminal element itself has a big say in who goes to prison. Weak and fabricated evidence is seldom looked at in the eyes of the court. Approximately one case in twenty will go to trial. This effect will cause numerous criminals to walk freely as they choose. The pros are being convicted and tried for the crime and the cons are being offered a simple way out. The effects of this cause is being set free to commit another crime. There is not enough evidence to convict a criminal Plea bargaining is a second major cause of wrongful...
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