"The way we view the world is constantly changes" "Sky High" by Hannah Roberts "Looking for Alibrandi" directed by Kate Woods "My Father Began As A God" by Ian Mudie.

Topics: Change, Family, Metaphor Pages: 4 (1452 words) Published: June 9, 2004
The way in which we view the world is always changing and to put it plainly, always will be changing. The outlook of the world in the eyes of an eighty year old is vastly different when compared to that of the world seen through the eyes of a six year old. This proves that our perspectives never stay permanent and is always changing. The main reason is most probably due to new experiences encountered in our life, knowledge or our level of maturity. This is shown in prose fiction text "Sky High" by Hannah Roberts, the film "Looking for Alibrandi" directed by Kate Woods and the poem "My Father Began As A God" by Ian Mudie.

In the prose fiction text "Sky High" by Hannah Roberts. This text reflects on a youth persona who turns a simple washing line that is located in a normal back yard into an irrepressible adventure, which is compared to the dull and boring life of the same persona as an adult.

The use of imagination brings a child's perspective of the garden to a level in which everything is brought to life in and around the backyard. The child's perspective makes simple items show great symbolism such as the washing line which lifts the persona to an "exalter position, almost sky high". The washing line is also personified with "sliver skeletal arms" and is "best climbing tree" which metaphorically describes the washing line. Sustained metaphors like "pegs adorning its trunk" are used to further show the responder the comparison between the washing line and a tree. The use of similes enables the responder to be able to take part in the poem and see things in the eyes of an imaginative child, a child who finds a simple backyard, where clothes can be hung like "coloured flags in a secret code", mystifying and amusing.

The persona turns from childhood to adulthood and back through to show the physical and personal changes a person must go through to have a different perspective of the world. The use of non-linear narration makes the reader go backwards and...
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