Changing Perspective Creates Awakening

Topics: Change, Oodgeroo Noonuccal, Poetry Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: May 21, 2007
Changing Perspective Creates Awakening

Change. It is a concept often discussed as being an inevitable part of human life, something people has experienced numerous of times, and will continue to experience throughout their lives. Change comes in many forms and has a range of effects, which are either negative or positive on those who experience it and respond to it. Change, particularly in relation to the topic ¡°Changing perspective creates awakening¡±, is a view that is repeatedly explored and been written in poem/film by thousands of composers. This is evident in the poems such as ¡°Sky-High¡±, ¡°Drifters¡±, ¡°No More Boomerang¡± as well as movie, Patch Adam. These texts emphasize changes in their lives through the use of various techniques from alliteration to metaphor, to simile to assonance.

In ¡°Sky-High¡±, Hannah Robert, the composer who wrote this poem in 1994, shows the psychological and the physical aspects of change. The original flow of the persona (character) where she recounts her childhood and her adulthood experiences creates a comparison and contrasting image between a child's and adult views. When it said, ¡°trees are like spectators¡±; this is a child perspective and the metaphor/simile is referring that the child¡¯s ¡®world¡¯ is lively, animated and fun. The ability to swing on the clothesline also represent the freedom of the child but later when said inability to swing on it anymore, shows us the responsibilities of being an adult and reflects the age. The adult views the world in a more cynical tone. There are ¡®lines¡¯ and ¡®scars¡¯ on the adult¡¯s hand; these wrinkles give an idea of the experiences people inevitably face. Much like aging is an inevitable for life, so is change. At the end, the imaginative childhood perspective is juxtaposed with her concluding statement: ¡§There are too many things tying me to the ground¡¨. This demonstrates a clear change in perspective from an instant to an adult, realising a loss of this...
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