Wawa Inc. Research Paper

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There are literally thousands of convenience stores in the Delaware Valley in this day in age. However, only one company stands out as a leader among all of the others. Wawa Food Markets, Inc., established in 1964 has been the leader for over twenty years. I have been employed with the company since May 1994, and I hope to continue to grow within the company in the years to come. During the fall semester of 1999, I have participated in the Supervised Internship at Rowan University, my company of choice being Wawa, of course. While the experience has not been everything it was promised to be, I have been able to gain an incredible amount of knowledge in the field of marketing, in a short period of time, simply by working in my store. Hopefully, my interest in the company this semester, and really also in the past six years too will show the upper management that I am willing to stay employed with theompany in the years to come!


On the scale of company sizes in this country, Wawa falls somewhere in the middle, maintaining leadership in the convenience store industry in the Delaware Valley, while at the same time providing the employees with small-company personal communication. The company hopes to maintain this relationship with the employees in the future, even though the recent strike hurt the morale among the delivery personnel. The organizational structure begins with the president, Richard Wood. There are six vice-presidents in the company, each serving an important function. The segments of the company are broken down to the following levels, with the vice-president for each level controlling it: Law & Human Resources, Marketing, Store Operations, Real Estate, Finance, and Distribution. As you can see, the real estate segment is heavily weighted in the corporate structure. The reasoning behind this strategy is that the company is expanding at the rate of three to four stores per month. Devoting resources to real estate includes the locating, purchasing, developing, and operating the new store until sufficient management can be established. I have witnessed two new examples of this strategy this semester. I have observed the demolition process of a store, and the construction of three stores, and the renovation of one! These experiences have taught me the process template that Wawa uses to build every one of its new stores. With such stress being focused in this area, you can imagine that the employees involved in the new construction process know exactly how to open a store, from the purchase of the land, to the grand opening day! The other segments of the company mentioned follow the same format as most companies of today.


garding the history of the company, Wawa Food Markets has been an extremely successful company, serving the convenience needs of the greater Delaware Valley with pride since 1964. Through the strong respect from customers, Wawa has achieved a dramatic increase in sales in the past five years. With the introduction of new "superstores", the future looks extremely bright for the company. Wawa's branding strategy of its own products has achieved national recognition. From the dairy products that it has manufactured since the early 1900's, to the new Wawa Bakery, which is destined to be a phenomenal success in the years to come because of its versatility in creating exciting new products, Wawa is planning on leaving the twentieth century with a bang! The following is a short history of how the company has become as successful as it is today.

Wawa, Inc. did not begin as a food business, as many people may believe. Instead, the company began operations in the textile industry as early as 1803. By 1865, the company, dubbed as The Millville Manufacturing Company, was incorporated and was operating mills quite successfully in several states, with sales offices throughout the country, but headquarters always remaining in...
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