Water Quality and Contamination
Topics: Drinking water, Water quality, Water supply, Water pollution, Water, Green / Pages: 6 (1893 words) / Published: Sep 23rd, 2014

“Water Quality and Contamination”
Shirley Tinsley
SCI207: Dependence of Man on the Environment
Instructor: Oleg Maksimov
July 07, 2014

ABSTRACT: Experiments were done on the water quality and the contamination of groundwater. First, I observed the effects that different pollutants had on groundwater. I predicted that the experiments with the oil and vinegar would create the most contaminations to the water. When the laundry detergent were mixed with the groundwater, it created a light green color with a pleasant smell. The second water treatment experiment were about filtering techniques to remove contaminants from water. I predicted to drain the water by removing all the contaminants by using a funnel to purify the water. The last experiment were performed using Dasani, and Fiji bottled water and Tap water to determine the quality of drinking water. I also predicted that tap water would leave the least amount of contaminants and the Fiji bottled water would have the most contaminants. There were three different steps to this experiments to determine the final hypothesis. The first experiment were the effects of groundwater contaminations, the next experiment were the water treatment and the final experiment were the drinking water quality. There is a variety of sampling substances and procedures used to purify the water. The objective of groundwater sampling were to determine what effects do contaminants have on our water supply. The quality of drinking water has for many years been given more attention. Particles of various metals such as lead and copper could be entering our drinking water supplies and creating a hazard. One of the most important characteristics of our society today is the quality of our drinking water. Over 50,000 people each year in Africa die due to poor drinking water habits (Roman, 2009). I predicted when mixing oil with the groundwater, the oil would continue to

References: Roman, H. T. (2009). Quality of Drinking Water. Technology Teacher, 69(2), 13-15. Selhorst, A. (2013). Outline of the final lab report template [Word file].College of Liberal Arts. Ashford University. Selhorst, A. (2013). Week two lab reporting form [Word file]. College of Liberal Arts.

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