Industrialization: Human and Industrial Development

Topics: Water, Human, Aquifer Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: August 17, 2013

The purpose of this lab is to see if over time progression of industrialization and human development what impacts humans will have on the sustainability of groundwater in our country.

This investigation is find out if current human development does not change, will groundwater sustainability be affected. Based on the lab it looks like there will be a great impact to humans and our population as a result of groundwater.

In the lab, we looked at the 1800’s period and compared the progression to the 1900’s and 2000’s to see the impacts and changes that happened over the period which would determine if groundwater is increasing or decreasing the population. We notice the changes to the forest, the groundwater level, industrial development and population changes. See changes based on data in chart below.

Time Period |Impact to Forest |Groundwater Levels |Saltwater Intrusion |Farming |Industrial development |Population | |1800s |Large Forest |Lots of groundwater |No salt water intrusion |Small farms |No cities |Limited housing | |1900s |Decrease by 50% |Decrease by 50% |Ocean moved into groundwater |Farms are larger, but there are fewer |Exception growth of cities and industrial development |Substantial increase in housing | |2000s |Decrease by 90% |Decrease by 90% |Greater movement of ocean into groundwater |Same number of Farms but size decreased by 20% |Industrial development decreased by 10-15% |Housing development decreased by 10-15% | |

The expected results were a little surprising since I did not know that groundwater, meaning water coming from under the ground was can be so polluted because of the different cycle it goes through. There is the evaporation, precipitation, and evaporation process which is taking it from the ocean to land and then back to the ocean. The lab proved otherwise and the fact that this same water is used for drinking and irrigation, over time and with the saltwater intrusion...
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