Water Flow in Plant

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A.) --WATER FLOW IN PLANT: Can water travel through plant stems? MATERIALS: graduated one liter bottle,1 white carnation with long stem, 2 glasses, red and blue food coloring PROCEDURE:
1. Pour 500 ml of water into each glass.
2. Add three or four drops of food coloring to each glass. Be sure the color is dark. Add more food coloring if necessary. 3. Very carefully cut the stem in half along the length of the stem from the bottom to about half way up to the flower. 4. Place one half of the flower stem in the blue water and the other half of the stem in the red water. 5. Let the flower stand in the water for 48 hours (2 days).

6. Enrichment: Repeat the experiment with another flower, but cover the flower only with plastic wrap and secure the bottom of the plastic wrap with tape. POSSIBLE HYPOTHESIS: The water will travel from the glass to the flower making it change color. OR The water will not travel up the flower and nothing will change. POSSIBLE CONCLUSION: The water traveled up the xylem tubes to the flower petals. The color moves through the xylem allowing the color to be distributed throughout the cells of the petals causing their color to change.

B.) --Putting Toothpaste To The Test
PURPOSE: To find out if different brands of toothpaste remove different liquids stains better or worse. (example: Does Colgate remove PowerAde stains better than Crest?) STEPS in doing the experiment:

1.) Take your beverages and pour 1 cup of each liquid into a separate cup. 2.) Take 3 white eggs and place 1 separate egg into each of the cups with the beverages inside. 3.) Set your timer for 24 hours and when all the eggs have been placed inside the cups start the timer. 4.) Once the eggs have been soaking for 24 hours remove them with a spoon from the cups and put them in 3 separate bowls. 5.) Take your toothbrush and put 1 of the toothpastes on it. Brush the egg for 1 minute on one side of the egg. 6.)...
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