Warehouse Management Report

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Warehouse Management Report

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This report will address all key information of Warehouse Management. This report will give brief idea of Warehouse Management. I have prepared a management report on Warehouse Management, Its Benefits, Details about SAP WM solution & 2 Cases studies according to requirement of Management. 1. What is WM?

WM is called as Warehouse management. It is a major portion of the chain system of supply and mostly focuses to regulate the flow, goods storing inside a warehouse and process the linked transactions. It also includes shipping, receiving, put away, delivery and picking.

WM’s main focus is to regulate the movement & storage of goods with receiving, loading, picking within a storeroom. Today WM is widespread unit compare than legacy system & entered into every business and country of the world. Today picking, packing, shipping are involved in WM system.

2. The benefits that it offers:

* Rapid inventory turns: It controls inventory flow and thus reducing times. It also improves the accurateness of inventory accounts and this way supports a Just In Time environment. Because of this, the requirement of Buffer stock decreased. This benefit maximizes inventory totals and use of working capital. * Extra use of Warehouse’s available space: To reduce buffer stock needs, this system rise free space of warehouse. It locates items in well manner so that one can easily find items related to reception, plant, packing, and delivery points in free space of warehouse. Now with this improved productivity, it reduces costs of inventory stock considerably. * Decrease in warehouse bookkeeping: This system helps to decrease paper work which was attached with operations of Warehouse with its realtime feature. It also guarantees regular and perfect movement of goods list and details. In old system things like Delivery reports, packing lists, etc. were maintaining o paper base system and now it became automatically with the help of new system. * Enhanced cycle measuring: With the help of Warehouse Management System, organisations are able to get appropriate records like regularity of flow, particular places, etc. and all these to perfectly plan people for cycle measures. This cycle measure improves perfection of goods details for purposes of scheduling. Also it removes or eases the requirement for perfect, expensive virtual stocks. * Decreased dependence menpower of warehouse: Implementation of modern and well featured Warehouse Management System enables regularization of stock flows, selection techniques, stock places. Its regularization assists to reduce dependence and also decreased training expenses as well as lesser mistake ratios on casual practices.

* Improved consumer service: From the beginning of the process flows of order to supply, businesses can decide material handiness and possible supply dates. This system recognizes and issue next-order list automatically. Because eof this system shipment accuracy can increase and thus will decrease returned deliveries. * Enhanced labour efficiency: This system assists improve product movement, usually by integrating various stock selections in one or by "Cross-Docking". It is a method that transfers inbound deliveries to close location which is nearby to the external distribution port and thus operation of warehouse can reduce.

3. Details about SAP’s WM solution:

The SAP’s WM (Warehouse Management) offers automated support to assist you in treating materials actions & retaining records of present inventory in your complex storeroom.

The WMS (Warehouse Management System) of SAP delivers computerized support, the flexible, and effective as per below:

* WMS (Warehouse Management System) manages very difficult storeroom buildings & too many different sorts...

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