War Photographer

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War photographer.

* As he says remember the man’s wife he is reflecting on his job and the moment he took the photo. * He sought approval- shows that it is an emotional reaction of how he is profiting front the suffering of the people. * Stained foreign dust shows that shows that this horrors that are happening in this foreign country should not be happing. * War hurts everyone no matter what occupation you are.

* A hundred agonies shows that he took hundreds of photos of people suffering but the editor does not realize the emotion that he is feeling or of that in which the people are feeling in the countries he took the photos in. * Black and white shows that colors desensitizes what is happening in the photos that the photographer is taking. * Sundays supplement shows that the English countryside is very different to countries such as Belfast that are always war torn. *

Complete essay for war photographer

Owen: Anthem for the doomed youth
* Bio details
* Structure
* Punctuation
* Language
* Imagery- passing bells, orisons, prayers, bells, choirs, choirs, wailing, sad shires, candles, holy, pall, flowers, drawing-down of blinds. * Tone
* Features

Anthem-national song, patriotic
Youth- naïve, inexperienced, unskilled
Doomed youth- antithesis because youth is supposed to be the beginning is the end because doomed is seen as the end. Cattle- this represent animals being sent to the slaughter house this shows that no body cares about what’s happening to these people.

Volta- turning point shift in tone and in focus pattern

Happening in very dry land and there is a lot of death

* Bio details
* Structure
* Punctuation
* Language
* Imagery
* Tone
* Features

This shows that there is problems in the area and there is problems happening to the wildlife

Soldiers of war shows that there are men sent into battle
Boys miss led shows that...
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