Tears of a Tiger Week 6

Topics: Color, Black people, White people Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: March 26, 2015

“Good Morning, Hazelwood”(19)
Concludes- ends

#1. What has recently arrived at the school?
The SAT scores arrived at the school over Christmas break.

#2 What annual event is coming up at Hazelwood High?
The annual Hazelwood High Talent Show is coming up soon.

#3 What purpose do you think this chapter severs?
I think the purpose of this chapter is to tell us that the SAT results are back.

“Black and White”(20)
Bias- prejudice, impartiality
Stereotypes- preconceived ideas of what certain people are like Activists- people actively working for a cause, usually political

#1 What does Keisha feel that Andy does too frequently?
Keisha feels the Andy complains to much.

#2 What metaphor does Keisha use to describe herself?
The metaphor Keisha uses to describe herself is “I’m a rose in the snow, the bright spot in your dark”. #3 What does the snow remind Gerald of?
The snow reminds Gerald how there is always white people the surround him and he sticks out because of his skin color.

#4 What circumstance does Keisha find comparable to being black among (mostly) white people?
Keisha points out that in her one class she is the only girl and Keisha said that could be just as bad as being black with be among with the white.

#5 Andy points out that the colors black and white are frequently associated with what? Andy points out that black is associated with the bad and white is always associated with the good.

#6 Why could wearing red lead to arrest and possibly death in Puritan England? If you got caught wearing red in Puritan England they would arrest you because they belivie that it represents the devil and his work.

#7 According to Ms. Blackwell, how do certain colors come to be associated with certain concepts or idea? People associate the color of skin to certain phrases and they are trying to eliminate the amount racism.

#8 What makes Andy think of Rob all of a sudden?
Andy’s feet being super cold...
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