Walt-Disney World Internship Report

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Macau University of Science and Technology Faculty of International Tourism

Internship Report

“Dreams Come True” Exploration in Disney

Student Name: Student Number: Internship Sponsor:

Li, Danping 0609853G-B111-0073 The Walt Disney World Resort

Internship Duration: Aug, 10th, 2008 ~ Jan, 16th, 2009 Submission Date: Apr, 30th, 2009

Brief Description of My Internship
Fantastic memories of 169 days living in America, almost six months working in Walt Disney World offers an unforgettable experience in my personal life and has great influence in my future professional life. Transferred from an elegant café in Grand Floridian Resort & Spa to a crazy busy character buffet restaurant in Contemporary Resort provides me an opportunity to work in hotels with different styles. At the macro level, it enlarges my theoretical knowledge of many aspects such as Organizational Culture, Human Resource Management, and Service Management. At the micro level, it offers me the chances to apply the theoretical knowledge into practices such as how to work effectively with my co-workers from all over the world (with diverse culture), how to deal with complain from the guests and how to create the surprising atmosphere by making magic moment for the guests. Being a seater in those two restaurants is not easy. Actually I have to do lots of side works such as preparing the crayon and coloring sheet for the kids, folding the napkin and placing the silver-wear in the right position of every table before the restaurant opens. When I greet the guests, I make a sincere smile to them and say “Hi, folks. How are you doing?” Sometimes when I see a guest with bad mood, I will praise her nice dress, his cool suit or talk to the kids with dramatic tone. Especially when I work in Chef Mickey’s buffet restaurant, on the way to the table, I have to introduce the five classic characters and every section of the buffet line to the guests. When we arrive at the table, I have to pull out at least one chair, give the party high chairs or booster seats if it’s necessary, introduce the server to the guests, move away the extra silver-wear and wish them have a nice meal. When I see the guests leaving, I also have to wave to them and greet them “Thank you for coming. Have a good day!” 1

After the restaurant closes, I have to start another round of side work. Clean the high chairs and booster seats, stock the glasses and mugs, clean the carpet and roll the silver-wear. When I work in Grand Floridian Café, I’m responsible for the magic moment after the café closes every day. I have to select the best coloring sheet handed in by the kids as “Artist of the Day” Then, sign a certificate, make two balloons and place them on the door of the “artist’s” room. Though it’s a hard work to walk around the resort to find their room, it’s quite meaningful for me because I can create grand difference for the guests. After work, I attend the Disney Corporate Communication Course that helps me to learn both the why and how of communicative technique as organizations interface with customers, employees, and the public. While Exploring Guest Service at the Walt Disney World Resort offers me the opportunity to learn more about how the Walt Disney World Resort operates in key area. Leaders in the Rooms, Park operations, Food and beverage operations, Merchantainment and related lines of business share their experience and leadership philosophies that help me to learn how to be an out-standing leader. These classes influence me quite a lot during my work. What’s more, joining in activities such as Formal Night Party is a good way for me to make friends with cast members who also take part in the International College Program. We keep in touch with each other and know more about diverse culture in different parts of the world. It also helps to improve my English and enlarges my network of human relationship. All in all, I experience a lot about American style, which is very...
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