Walt Disney

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Walt Disney was a pioneer in animated cartoons. His studio produced the first synchronized sound cartoon called Steamboat Willie. I chose Walt Disney because he changed family entertainment forever. Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 to parents Elias and Flora Disney, in Chicago, Illinois. Elias and Flora were married in the spring of 1888. Elias took a job as a hotel manager at Daytona Beach. Later that year the Disney’s first son Herbert was born. In 1889 Elias moved his family to Chicago, IL. The Disney’s second son Raymond was born later on that year. Four years later in 1893 their third son Roy was born. Walt followed in 1901. In 1903 the Disney’s last and first daughter Ruth was born. In 1906 Elias bought a farm outside of Marceline, Missouri and moved his family. In 1909 Herbert and Raymond left the family farm, putting an even greater strain on Elias and his two other sons. With the two older boys gone there was more work for Roy and Walt, and whenever they misbehaved Elias would use “corrective” beatings with his belt (Elliot, pg. 7). As a child Walt loved to draw, and since his family didn’t have a lot of money, he would end up drawing on anything he could find, usually he used toilet paper and a piece of coal. In 1909 Elias came down with typhoid fever and was forced to sell the farm and moved the family to Kansas City, where he bough a newspaper route. Flora enrolled Roy and Walt into the Benton Grammar School. Everyday Roy and Walt would get up before three o’clock to deliver two daily editions of both the Morning Times and the Evening and Sunday Star seven days a week. Walt took a job delivering prescriptions for a local drugstore. He used the money to buy extra newspapers to sell on street corners. He used the profits to buy art supplies. In 1911 Roy left home. In the fall of 1917 Elias sold the newspaper route and bought a partnership in the O-Zell Jelly factory in Chicago. Walt stayed behind to finish the school year and Herbert came to stay with him. When school was over Roy moved in and Walt decided to stay the summer in Kansas City. Lying about his age and saying he was 17 instead of 16, Walt got a job selling newspapers and refreshment on a train running from Missouri to Colorado. In the fall Walt moved back to Chicago and enrolled at McKinley High School for his junior year. Walt also took evening classes at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. When America entered World War I in 1917, Walt tried to enlist. The local recruiter was skeptical of Walt’s age and asked for a birth certificate. Walt wrote to Chicago’s Cook County Hall of Records requesting a copy. He received a letter saying the there was no record of a Walt Disney born around December 5, 1901, but there was a birth certificate for a Walter Disney born to Elias and Flora Disney on January 8, 1891. Unable to get his parents to sign a letter of consent that would allow him to enlist, Walt forged their signatures and was accepted as a volunteer for the International Red Cross. He was then assigned to France to take care of sick and injured American soldiers. While in France he met another soldier who went by the name of Cracker. The two became friends and developed a scheme where Cracker would buy extra German helmets, shoot them full of holes, and hand them over to Walt who would then paint them to look like German helmets and sell them to other soldiers as souvenirs. When Walt was finished with his service he moved back to Kansas City with Roy and Herbert. Walt then got a job at Pressman-Rubin Studios drawing farm equipment for their catalogues. After a month of work he was laid off. While working at Pressman-Rubin, Walt met another artist named Ubbe Iwerks. Together they created the Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists. Their partnership only lasted less than a month before they ran out of money. In 1920 Walt started working for the Kansas City Film Ad Company starting at $40 a week...
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