Walmart Financial Resources

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Tangible Resources

Tangible resources are assets to the company. According to Shane Thornton who works for eHow, Tangible resources are anything and everything that helps a company operate and do business. Tangible items are similar to three of your five senses. The senses that companies use are sight, touch, and feel. The major component that is under this subject is Land, Labor, Capital, and Stocks.
Land is one of the most important parts that are under the category of tangible assets. Land is used for many things. For instance, Wal-Mart has millions or even billions of acres of land. Each acre is valuable for their company or industry. They use the land for maybe growing products, like vegetables and fruits. Wal-Mart uses their land for distribution centers, stores, groceries stores, and supercenters. Wal-Mart is also in real estate. Scott Greear, director of building development said “we’ve got a good product and a proven retail site, we maintain our properties well for our customers, and we’ve got high visibility and established traffic patterns: our infrastructure is already there, and all the improvements are in place. We’ll do any deal that makes sense.” Wal-Mart makes sure that their property is well established and the builders did not have any wasted space. They want to be efficient. The goal is for every piece of land they are not using right now is leased, rented, or subleased.

Labor is another part of tangible resources. Without labor the company would not operate successfully. Labor is the heart of Wal-Mart. Laborers are people that have skills in different parts of the industry to make a company a success. You need workers in the corporate office down to the factories to have a profitable company. For instance, corporate office needs a financial, accounting, Human Resource, managers, secretaries, and managers over each department to take care of the business side of a corporation. Employees that are working in the

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