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Topics: Human anatomy, Heart, Muscular system Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Functions of Muscular System
-Maintenance of posture and muscle tone
-Heat production
-Protects the bones and internal muscles
Skeletal Muscle Distribution with Corresponding Contents
.Upper Extremities
-Deltoid Muscles- The origin of this shoulder muscles is the lateral third of the clavicle and parts of the Scapula the intersection is on the Humerus.
-Biceps-This is a major muscles of the upper arm.It originates on the humerus and insert on the radius. FOREARM
-Brachialis-This muscles arises on the anterior humerus and insets on the ulna.It is a main Flexor of the elbow joint. FINGER
-Thenar muscles- These are the muscles of the hand.
.Lower Extremeties
Upper Leg
Rectus Femoris-This powerful muscles of the anterior extends from the hip bone to the knee.
Sartorius-A long narrow muscles that originates on the hip bone inserts on the medial knee.It passes over the medial edge of the rectus femoris. Lower Leg
Gastrocnemius Muscles- This is the big muscles group of the lower leg.It has two heads of origin from the Femur.It provides Fullness to the calf and the middle of the leg. Lower Back
Gluteasls(Buttocks)-This muscles group originates along the whole length of the iliac crest of the pelvis and the anterior superior spine.It is the great extensor of the upper leg,acting in rising,sitting,straightening walking upstairs and running.It is importand because it is often the first muscles to decompose.

Smooth Muscles-Smooth muscles occurs mainly in the walls of hollow organ where it controls,for example,the movement of food along the small intestine,or the diameter of a blood vessel.It is also known as involuntary muscle because its contraction is triggered by nerve impulses from the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and it’s action occurs w/out conscious awareness or intervention.In many organs, it forms a double layer with sheets of smooth muscles fibers running at outside and circular on the inside.Innervation of the different...
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