Topics: Family, Marriage, American Civil War Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: October 20, 2014
Great grandmother. Mother of Seini, Eseta, and Malia. Married to Aisake, a man much older than her. He passed away before Sela migrated to the US with Malia, Atu, Palu (Emma), and Lio Jr.

Daughter of Sela. 1st to migrate. Married Simi, a Mormon. Brought Eseta to the US.

Daughter of Sela. Moved in with Seini and then married Manu. The first man that wanted to marry Eseta wouldn't come to the US, but Manu did. That's why she married him.

Husband of Eseta. When he got older, he had to retire from being a janitor because he had emphysema.

Daughter of Sela. She, Atu, Sela, Palu(Emma), and Lio Jr. migrated to the US in 1990.

Husband of Malia. Like Aisake, Atu was much older than Malia. He didn't like the American life because in tonga he was in a higher class than he was in the US. He died in 1993 from a heart attack.

Eldest living daughter of Malia. She was very smart and became a teacher in tonga. She stayed in tonga with her husband Samlu and daughters, Losana and Tomasi.

American name: Emma. Daughter of Malia. Migrated with her parents, grandmother

Sela, and nephew Lio Jr. American life suited her best. She's dating (and living with) Greg, an African American.

Lio Jr.
Lio is Malia's son but he drowned during a drunken swim with his friends. His 2 year old son, Lio Jr., was adopted by Malia and then migrated with them to the US. Completely Americanized and kind of a bratty, rebellious kid.

Eseta and Manu's daughter. Completely Americanized. Rolls her eyes when Manu says she has to marry Tongan.

Sister of Sara. Same description applies.
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