Americans Chapter 6 assessment

Topics: Thomas Jefferson, United States, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 3 (758 words) Published: January 12, 2015
Chapter 6.3
1. Terms And names
Lewis and Clark: the expedition commissioned by President Jefferson to explore the West, which helped the foundations for western expansion. Aaron Burr: Jefferson’s competitor for election, who received the same number of votes in the electoral college as Jefferson John Marshall: a Federalist who was appointed by Adams to be the chief justice of the Supreme Court. Judiciary Act of 1801: Adams increased the number of federal judges by 16, he promptly filled most of these positions with Federalists. Midnight judges: Adams signed the appointments late on the last of his administration, this action angered Jefferson because some of the, are delivered after Adams left the office. Marbury v. Madison: the argument that led to the most important Supreme Court decision, Judicial review: The final decision gave the ability of the Supreme Court to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional. Louisiana Purchase: Napoleon sold the entire Louisiana Territory to the United States and the Senate ratified it; eventually, the size of U.S. doubled. Sacajawea: A Native American woman who served as interpreter and guide during the Lewis and Clark expedition. 2. Make a chart like listing the major accomplishments of Jefferson’s presidency and the significance of each.

Event \ Significance
Louise and Clark expedition \ explore the West and helped the foundations for western expansion. Transform the government and presidency \ Promote Democratic Republicans principle Louisiana Purchase \ expand the U.S. westward, doubled the size

3. How did the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition affect the expansion of the United States? The expedition gave the information about the western territory and helped to establish the foundations for western expansion. Eventually, the U.S. successfully gained the western land through Louisiana Purchase and greatly expanded the territory. 4. Why was Marbury v. Madison such an important...
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