Jefferson vs Hamilton

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Jefferson vs. Hamilton

Jefferson or Hamilton: Who was more important in American history?

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were two very important figures in American history but Jefferson was the more influential and profound one of the two rivals. Jefferson was the principal author of the most important document in US history, the Declaration of Independence. He doubled the size of the young nation with the purchase of Louisiana during his presidency. During his lifetime, Jefferson also made many achievements and contributions, based on his strong beliefs, towards the growth and protection of the United States. Of all his accomplishments, the Declaration of Independence was his most defining event for it asserted the USA's independence from Britain and defended revolting against the government.

Of all the Founding Fathers, Jefferson had the strongest belief in liberty of the people for he thought that all people were entitled to liberty and laws that do not protect it are illegitimate. He took his unique view on liberty and the rights of the people and converted much of it onto paper which was eventually made into the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson defended his role in the creation of the defining document of the United States very proudly but this would not be his last great achievement.

One of Thomas Jefferson's finest accomplishments while he was president was the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. This acquisition of land doubled the nation's size and helped fulfil the demands for western expansion, also making the US closer to completing their Manifest Destiny. Jefferson then financed the Lewis and Clark expedition which in turn gave Americans first knowledge of this vast land of rich resources. Jefferson's influence in shaping the country did not stop there for he made several other admirable deeds in his lifetime.

Jefferson left a permanent legacy in American history through all his books, inventions, philosophies, and...
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