Voltaire and Candide

Topics: Candide, Voltaire, Influenza Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: September 8, 2013
* They Keep Coming Back
Example: The Baron is one of the Jesuits in Paraguay and he is with Pangloss rowing on the ship that Candide is travelling on to see Cunegonde. Elaboration: Voltaire uses irony by bringing the Baron back because Candide and the Baron always fight about Cunegonde.

Example: “Let that be as it may be.” Said Candide,” But one thing consoles me. I see that we often meet those whom we never expect to see more of.”(ch24) Elaboration: Candide thinks about resurrection by saying we see people who we think we will never see again.

* They come back different each time
Example: Their features though greatly disfigured, had a slight resemblance to those of Pangloss and the unhappy Jesuit and Weatphalian Baron, brother to Miss Cunegonde. (ch27) Elaboration: Voltaire uses exaggeration by describing who Candide thinks is the Baron and Pangloss before he really knew.

Example: Candide and Martin sit to eat at an inn with foreigners and Cacombo surprises Candide by showing up and being a slave. Elaboration: Voltaire uses Irony because he has Candide searching for Cacombo, but he shows up later in an unexpected place.

* You don’t expect it
Example: “Do I dream?” Cried Candide;” Am I awake? Or am I on board a galley? Is this the Baron whom I killed? Is this the master Pangloss whom I saw hanged?” (ch24) Elaboration: By using exaggeration Voltaire makes Candide seem very happy and joyful by finding out Pangloss and the Baron are alive.

Example: Upon this he turned round and saw – Cacombo! Nothing but the sight of Cunegonde could have astonished and delighted him more. (ch26) Elaboration: Voltaire uses understatement to show how happy Candide is to see Cacombo at the inn and how surprised he is.

* They keep coming back
Example: The flu virus comes back each year looking different. It has to change in order to survive, it has to adapt or evolve, changing its surface proteins enough to trick the host cell into allowing it...
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