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collection of written documents that Voltaire wrote between 1726 and 1729 on his experiences he had while staying in England. After its publication in French in 1734, many people of French ethnicity saw it as a bashing of the French government, and even a little bit on the Catholic religion. Voltaire does seem to be fairly favorable towards the English in his letters, which is understandable after he was exiled in his homeland of France multiple times. In many cases Voltaire saw in England what he wished...

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L’Ingenu by Voltaire The book L’Ingenu by Voltaire is bursting with corruption of the soul. Lying, manipulating, and bribery are the center of religion, politics, and social society. These issues are expressed very harshly by Voltaire in this book. Voltaire ties to enlighten the people of his day by shedding light on these issues and start a changing in the world. Along with religion, he focuses upon political, social, and cultural factors to describe how he feels about the 18th Century...

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Candide by Voltaire

According to Voltaire, author of Candide, the Enlightenment period in Europe’s history must have been a time of great optimism. Although, Candide, was considered an example of The Enlightenment it actually makes fun of a number of the philosophies and demonstrates that the movement was far from being united. Candide reflects Voltaire’s exaggerated self-opinion on Church/Christianity, human suffering, and the effects/impacts of European discovery of the New World. In the book, events all slowly work...

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Humor and Voltaire

Candide by Voltaire A Summary of Critiques Candide by Voltaire is a classic book; a bestseller since it was first publicized in 1759. The book has been reviewed by many critics in its almost 250 year history, many of which have had only positive feedback. Candide's small size turns on many readers that aren't looking for epic sized books and its satire and quick pace keeps those readers interested. "It's fast-paced, too...before you can get bored with any particular setting, it's up-sticks...

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Voltaire Candide

on thoughts and personal critique of the book. Not necessarily a summary or research paper. Second Critical Interaction- Voltaire Candide and Other Stories This was quite a different read, much different than the last Trials of Socrates required reading. I truly enjoyed each and every story by Voltaire. I even enjoyed the introductory first page, describing Voltaire and his life as Francois-Marie Arouet. I enjoyed reading about how he had a lover or mistress named Mme du Chatelet and how...

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Voltaire and Pope

Alexander Pope and Voltaire discuss some of the more common questions posed during the Enlightenment: What is the nature of humanity and what is our role in the greater picture of the universe? Pope argues that everything in the universe, whether it is good or evil, is essentially perfect because is a part of God’s grand plan. In essence, Pope believed in pre-determined fate, where no matter our actions, our fate remains the same as it was decided upon before you were born. Voltaire will critique this...

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If Voltaire Had a Time Machine.

What would he do if Voltaire had access to a time machine? Francois-Marie Arouet is a well-known French satirist from the 1700's. Francois also goes by the name of Voltaire, he wrote stories, poems and basically every other type of literary work imaginable. Voltaire was a very opinionated philosopher and he had no problem stating his views. Voltaire actually spent a lot of time in jail for his comments and opinions; he was a trusted advisor to both Louis XV and Fredrick the Great of Prussia....

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Voltaire; Candide Analysis

written by Francois-Marie Voltaire explores the use of satire as a medium to comment and confront dominant philosophy of his context, Liebniz philosophy of optimism. Voltaire embeds a premise of protest against surrendering to apathy and animalistic desires instead of using logic and rationale to become accountable for ones own actions. This is epitomised by the final words; “we must cultivate our garden” inferring one must partake in the making of one’s own destiny. Voltaire uses the repetition of...

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Voltaire and His Thoughts on the Enlightenment

Voltaire was a French philosophe, and one of the most influential figures during the Enlightenment. Voltaire wrote over seventy volumes with a great variety of genres. His Enlightenment ideas were built on several essential elements---- senses, reason, emphasis on science, deist belief and a rationalized government. According to Enlightenment thinkers, senses were an essential element of their ideas. Human beings were capable of using their senses to observe the universe. By using their...

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Beliefs of Voltaire, Rousseaum, and Montesquieu

 Compare and contrast the political beliefs of Voltaire, Rousseau and Montesquieu. November 10, 2013 AP European History During the eighteenth century, ideas came into place that economic improvement and political reform were possible. This movement of ideas was called the Enlightenment. Inspired by the scientific revolution, the Enlightenment led people to challenge the Church authority and the traditional intellectual authority. Enlightened people believed in a commercial...

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