Topics: The Return, Sales, Receipt Pages: 4 (1927 words) Published: November 2, 2014

A customer tries to return a package of absolutely divine cookies that they are dissatisfied with. The customer does not have a receipt. Private Label Refund A customer bought the wrong flavor Crest toothpaste (wife wanted Extra Whitening, not Tartar Control), there is no receipt present. Exchange without Receipt A customer is returning 2 bottles of Tums, at $4.99 each; the customer has the receipt, which shows that it was paid for with a $20 bill. Cash Refund A customer asks to return 2 Clairol Hair color kits purchased last week on her personal checking account. Check Refund A customer returns to the store to tell you that they should have been charged $1.50 for CVS pencils, not $3.19 (which they were charged). After investigating, you find the last week’s sale sign was inadvertently left up in front of the CVS pencils. Overcharge Mrs. Smith would like to return, with a receipt, the Oral B Plaque Remover that she purchased last week on her American Express card. Charge Refund Mr. Jones, a regular customer, would like to return a bottle of perfume ($52.99) in exchanged for assorted other products. Mr. Jones does not have a receipt. Refunds >$50 w/o Receipt A customer wants to return a package of Clairol Hair Color purchased through CVS.com. The color is not what she expected. She has her CVS.com invoices. CVS.com Refund A circular Extra Bucks coupon fails to print even after the product criteria were met. Store Extra Bucks PRACTICE CASES

A customer returns a bottle of CVS aspirin with ¾ gone. Explain the procedures you would take. I would explain the refund policy/procedure to help ensure that with a customer is not satisfied with and item purchased from CVS/Pharmacy, you may return the item, along with the original receipt for a refund, exchange or store credit equal to your original purchase price. A customer returns a package of One Touch Test Strips to the checkout. She has no receipt and...
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