Voices for America's Children

Topics: Race, Need, Sex Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: February 24, 2014

Voices for America’s Children

Equity and Diversity- All children achieve their full potential in a society that closes opportunity gaps and that recognize and values diversity. This is one of many topics that this group focuses on and one that I believe is truly the most important if not one of the most important. It is definitely one that needs to be focused on and the Voices for America’s Children stress’s the point of equality and diversity for all. With conferences and information provided for all outlets, the Voices for America’s Children does there part and won’t let anyone of color or with a disability be discriminated against.

If I were appointed head of the Equity and Diversity division of the school I am teaching at this is something I can see myself excelling at. Being a black male in a female dominated field would definitely qualify me for the position. One of the first things I would try to do is assemble a committee of not only people of color or people with a disability but anyone who wants to be a part of the movement of giving everyone the opportunity to succeed at an equal level. I would ask for help to come up with a handbook that would talk about the need to have every child no matter the race, color, sex or ability treated equally amongst their peers. This is something I would take pride in helping with and I would love to make a difference on this subject in the community and perhaps nationwide.
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