Voice Recognition Software

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Voice recognition software
Patrick Maxfield
July 24, 2013
Luciano Brito

Voice recognition software
Voice recognition software has come a long ways in a short time. It was first used in home appliances such as washing machines so the consumer could operate the washing controls through vocal commands and then the invention of mobile phones with voice-activated dialing came along. Know day’s voice recognition is so widely used that I could not begin to identify them all. The technology of voice recognition has become necessary feature on smartphones. You have, siri on log devices, Google now on android devices, and speech commands on windows phone 8. The smart phone alone has brought voice recognition technology to the masses. However, this is just the beginning of the possibilities with voice recognition software Newer voice command devices are speaker independent, so they can respond to multiple voices, regardless of accent or dialect. They can respond to several commands at once, by separating vocal messages and providing appropriate feedback, while accurately imitating a natural conversation. They can understand approximately fifty different commands and retain about two minutes of vocal messages, some uses for the newer voice command devices are; computer operating systems, some commercial software for computers, mobile phones (smart phones), automobiles, call centers, internet search engines (Google), and some advanced security systems. That is just to name a few. Voice recognition refers to one of two types of computer science. You have forensic voice identification and speech-to-text capability. Voice recognition is a computer technology that utilizes that uses audio input for entering data. Voice recognition software is designed with an internal database of recognizable words or phrases. The program matches an audio signature with the entries in the database. A voice recognition program that requires the user to train the software is called...
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