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Describe the different features of telephone systems and how to use them The different features of telephone systems are they allow you to make external phone calls to clients and internal phone calls to fellow colleagues. There are a number of different features of telephone systems such as being able to call transfer to different members of the team by selecting from the telephone that you are transferring to. Voicemail is a feature which allows the person to leave a message for the person they are trying to call so they can return the call back to them. Another telephone feature is call logging which logs down the number and the time of the call, you then have it on record of the call if. Speed dial is a feature which allows you to assign a number to someone so you don’t have to dial the number again you can just press the name/number assigned to them and it will call there number. Number storage allows you to record all the numbers in the one place under their names which makes it easier as you can just look for the name without having to dial the number. Teleconferencing is a feature of the telephone system which allows a number of different people to all call into the one line and be able to hear each other. Last number dial on the telephone system allows you to call and it will have logged the last number that called the phone and at what time it then gives you the option to press a button which will ring back the last caller. One feature that the telephone system has is hands-free which allows you to talk on the phone and for you to hear the person and them to hear you without having to pick up the phone. Another feature is Call barring is a feature that allows you to stop certain numbers from calling you as they will not be able to get through on the line. Call forwarding is a feature which is where if you are calling a number the call is diverted to another phone but on the same number. Lastly the privacy mode is a feature on the telephone system that allows you to make calls to other numbers but without your number showing up on their phone.

Describe how to follow organisational procedures when making and receiving telephone calls. How to follow organisational procedures when making and receiving telephone calls is by ensuring that you respond to the incoming call as quick as you can as you do not want to keep the phone line ringing out for a long time. If an incoming call is for a fellow colleague and they are not available at that moment in time, ensure that you take a message down about what they were calling up about and telling them that you will pass the message on to the person they were hoping to speak to and also take details down of what their full name and best contact number for them is. If you are taking messages to pass on ensure that you do it as soon as possible as they could be important. You can summarise what they want you to pass on so you can make sure that you have the information correct as they will correct you if you have took it down incorrectly. This allows the other person on the phone to know you have understood what they have said. Ensure that you are giving your full attention to what the person is saying making sure you don’t interrupt and let them finish what they are saying and if you have any questions you can ask them after they have finished. Procedures to follow in the telephone is someone is requesting any information from you ensure that you know what information can be passed on and what information should be kept confidential and explain to them if the information is confidential that you are unable to provide the information what they are looking for. If you are passing information on through a telephone call make sure that the information is accurate in what you are saying. When making an receiving telephone calls ensure that you stay polite throughout the call in all circumstances that you are in as you are representing the company that you are working...
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