Vocab for the pearl

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Vocabulary for The Pearl
Chapter 1 KEY
1. avarice
2. bougainvillea
3. consolation
4. detachment
5. indigent
6. lymphatic
7. procession
8. pulque
9. reassuring

a colorful tropical flower
to be consoled
tissue where white blood cells are produced
an orderly line of people
a fermented drink
shameful or disgraceful
open sores, (ugly)

Chapter 2 Vocabulary
1. bulwark
2. deliberately
3. estuary
4. gloating
5. incandescence
6. lateen
7. mirage
8. poultice
9. refined

defensive wall of earth, a rampart
with intention
where river meets sea tide
expressing great self-satisfaction
lit up, emitting light
triangular sail
soft mass of herbs applied as medicant to ski
fine, elegant, polished
tubes that slide within one another

Chapter 3 Vocabulary
1. almsgiver
2. ammonia
3. confirmation
4. consecrated
5. consequently
6. cozened
7. curtly
8. disparagement
9. dissembling
10. essence
11. furtive

one who gives money to the poor
a colorless pungent gas
making sure of something, assuring
to declare sacred
as a result of, therefore
mislead by trickery
rudely brief in speech
insulting or demeaning talk
false or misleading appearance
basic, real nature of a thing
secretive, by stealth

12. inaudible
13. intervals
14. involuntarily
15. judicious
16. lucent
17. mangroves
18. merged
19. precipitated
20. projected
21. shrilly
22. speculations
23. subjugation
24. transfigured

not able to be heard
space between objects or points
unintentional, unconscious
prudent, showing good judgement
giving off light
trees growing in marshy shored
condensed, separated, oozed
cast on a screen, or somewhere else
intense, high-pitched sound
reasoning with little evidence
brought under control, conquered
having an altered appearance

Chapter 4 Vocabulary
1. appraiser
2. contemptuous
3. countenanced
4. crafty
5. entranced
6. extravagant
7. freshet
8. insubstantial
9. legerdemain
10. lethargy
11. perplexed
12. tules
13. understatement

One who judges the value of something
Permitted or tolerated
Clever, resourceful
Filled with delight, wonder, enchantment
excessive, abundant, fancy
Freshwater stream flowing into sea
Lacking substance: weak or flimsy
Magic, slight-of-hand
Tiredness, weakness from exhaustion
the materials used in a woven mat
Saying or describing less strongly than the facts

Pearl Vocab. (Chapter 5)
1. Conceived
Formulate in mind, think, express
2. Edifice
Building (esp. a large one)
3. Exhilaration Enlivened, gladdened (person’s spirits)
4. Leprosy
disease affecting skin and nerves
5. Skimmed
to take a floating layer from surface of something
6. Skirled
a sound wind makes, like bagpipes
7. Stifling
8. Theories
ways of explaining large phenomenon, based on facts

Pearl Vocab. (Chapter 6)

1. apprehensively
2. Beckoned
3. Cleft
4. Erosion
5. Escarpment
6. Freshet
7. Gibbered
8. Immune
9. Intercession
10. Malignant
11. Monolithic
12. Monotonously
13. Outcroppings
14. Petulant
15. Remote
16. Rupture
17. Sentinel
18. Threshed
19. Ulcerous
20. Wrenched

Anxiously, uneasy, fearful
Significant gesture, nod or wave
Fissure, split
Gnaw away, destroy gradually, wear out
Steep bank
Rush of fresh water flowing into the sea
Speak fast and inarticulately, chatter like an ape
Immunity; exempt from public burden
Interceding, esp. by prayer
infectious, harmful, feeling or showing ill-well
like a single, massive block of stone
without variation in tone or cadence
underlying layer of rock the projects above the surface
Peevishly impatient or irritable
Far apart
Burst, break, parting
Soldier posted to keep guard
Beat esp. with stick or whip, conquer,...
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