The Pearl

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Would you let a pearl of assumed value consume your life? Well, in John Steinbeck’s, “The Pearl” that’s exactly what main character Kino does. Although, after figuring out that the “Great Pearl” bought nothing but darkness and evil upon his family. He realizes the importance of not letting greed and/or wealth control him. Come along with me on this adventure! Paragraph I

Kino had a very straight-forward life. He lived with his soon to be wife Juana and their baby boy, Coyotito in a small brush house within La Paz, Mexico. Until one day, Kino discovers a very unique pearl that begins to override his prosperity. The beginning of this great tale explains how Kino’s serene life is disrupted by a scorpion that stings his beloved son, Coyotito. After Juana (Kino’s Fiancé) realized Coyotito’s punctured wound had become worse, she demanded that they go and see a doctor. Although the doctor knew he had the talent and background to treat Coyotito, he refused because Kino didn’t have the money to pay the doctor’s bill. Kino and his family returned to the shore so that Kino could begin his pearl diving for the day. After collecting multiple invaluable pearls, he detected what had perceived to be the most admirable pearl in the world. The knowledge of Kino’s new found wealth had migrated expeditiously through their village. Whispers and mumbles among fellow villagers explained how they had planned to get their hands onto Kino’s eventual wealth. Kino had eventually gone to all the pearl buyers to find out how much this “Great Pearl” was really worth. Together, all of the pearl buyers had come to an agreement that Kino’s pearl was unprofitable. He had made his way back to his brush house where he was attacked. Kino had stabbed and killed his perpetrator. Kino and Juana as well as baby...
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