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to discuss traditional and contemporary wound dressings and management techniques. I will be comparing the traditional dressings with today’s current modern dressing. When choosing a dressing many circumstances have to be accessed as what type of wound is it? This makes it a lot harder on which dressing should be used as there are so many different types available today. Many that are used in the veterinary practice are in fact used by humans. When a wound is healing it is important to know the...

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Improving Wound and Pressure Area Care in a Nursing Home

 Improving Wound and Pressure Area Care in a Nursing Home Improving Wound and Pressure Area Care in a Nursing Home Introduction In Sprakes and Tyrer’s (2010) research article entitled “Improving Wound and Pressure Area Care in a Nursing Home”, the effectiveness of wound and pressure ulcer management was examined. The rate of wounds and pressure ulcers in a nursing home is often an indicator of the quality of care received as these injuries can lead to illness and a decreased quality...

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Case Study #35

Evidence-based research states “avoid excess hip flexion and prevent your toe from pointing inward and do not cross your legs.” (Katz, Wright, Polaris, Harris, & Losina, 2014, p. 3).9. Postoperative wound infection is a concern for S.P. Describe what you would do to monitor her for wound infection. The nurse would monitor vitals, CBC, and incision site for s/s of infection. Evidence based practice also suggests, “dressing is not removed for 48 hours and continuous education for sterile protocol...

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Wound Care

Wound care (Pressure Ulcer) Descriptions During community placement, my mentor and I visited M (patient), a 75years old lady, who was presented with a Pressure Ulcer, on the heel of her right leg. On arrival, my mentor asked me to manage M’s wound. However, I have observed and participate in carrying out this skill (wound care) with my mentor on several occasions. I explained the procedure to M and gained her consent to carry out the procedure. The preparation and application of aseptic technique...

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Wound Healing

4 Stages of Healing How Do Wounds Heal? Research work on acute wounds in an animal model shows that wounds heal in four phases. It is believed that chronic wounds must also go through the same basic phases. Some authors combine the first two phases. The phases of wound healing are: * Hemostasis * Inflammation * Proliferation or Granulation * Remodeling or Maturation Hemostasis: Once the source of damage to a house has been removed and before work can start, utility workers...

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Wound Vac

certified wound and ostomy nurse. While she also takes care of wounds and ostomies, she also makes rounds for the anthesiologists on their PCA pumps and starts PICC lines. The most interesting thing I saw was a man who had a large abdominal wound and was being treated with a wound vac. He had acquired this wound as a result of and abscess caused by the mesh that was used to repair his abdominal hernia. Initially, when she saw him in the morning, she had decided to try and dress the wound using a dressing...

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Wounds and Bleeding (1st Aid)

Wounds and Bleedings Wounds: An injury, especially one in which the skin or another external surface is torn, pierced, cut, or otherwise broken. Types of wounds: * Incision (Clean cut): is usually caused by a sharp object, usually a knife or razor. This type of wound may be deep, but will usually heal quickly, it can be treated by your doctors as they can stitch, tissue glue, or tape strips to close the incision. And you will need to keep the area clean, change the dressing according to your...

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Surgical Wound Care

Surgical Wound Care Types of Wounds * According to how they are acquired * Abrasion, laceration, cut/incision, trauma * According to the degree of wound contamination * Dependent for how the is the wound, if there is any antibiotic, other treatments * According to depth * Dermis, epidermis, subcutaneous, muscle Purpose * Promote wound healing * To promote optimal condition Factors affecting wound healing * Developmental considerations * Nutrition ...

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Wound Healing

The third phase of wound healing is granulation phase, which takes place to repair the damaged cells by regenerating new cells. This phase consists of different subphases, which can last up to 4 weeks in the clean and uncontaminated wound. These sub phases do not happen in discrete time frames but constitute an overall and ongoing process. The sub phases are "fibroplasia, matrix deposition, angiogenesis and re-epithelialization" (Cho & Lo, 1998). The first sub phase of granulation process is...

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Best Practice in Wound Care

opportunity to observe the dressing of a venous leg ulcer. Wound expert (2006) suggests treatment should consist of keeping the ulcer infection free, absorbing the excess discharge and managing the patient’s medical problems. The aim of the patients care plan is to promote healing. A Zoologist named George Winter (1927 – 1981) studied wound healing in a domestic pig and later became interested in wound dressings. Winter observed that wounds covered with an occlusive dressing healed faster than those...

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