Visual Merchandising in Line with Apparel, Book and Shoe Retailing

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Visual merchandising: Overview
Indian Scenario
Current scenario/Components Lifestyle Store
Crossword Store
ShoeMart Store
Visual Merchandising: Observation Study

Visual Merchandising: Overview
Visual Merchandising (VM) is the art of presentation, which puts the merchandise in focus and in perspective too. It educates the customers, creates desire and finally augments the selling process. This is a nascent stage for the Indian retail industry; therefore a professional program on Visual Merchandising will go a long way in addressing this gap. The success of the program will be reflected in the better presentations, displays, indoor and outdoor communication about the stores. Visual Merchandising achieves the following: • Educates the customers about the products and services offered creatively and effectively.

• Enables a successful selling process, from browsing to buying.

• Establishes a creative medium to present merchandise in a lifelike 3-D environment, thus creating a strong impact and recall value.

• Sets the context of the merchandise.

• Establishes the linkage between fashions, product design and marketing by keeping the focus on the product.

• Draws the attention of the customers and help them match their needs with the visually merchandised product. VISUAL MERCHANDISING IN INDIA
As the concept of large retail stores gains ground in India, the practice and concept of VM is likely to grow. In the western countries VM receives highest priority in commercialization of product. As seasons change, the merchandise collections / planograms too change in a retail store. When such changes take place the store too undergoes a transformation in decor and visual presentation to appeal to the consumers while announcing new arrivals in merchandise collection. This phenomenon of transformation of visual presentations and displays of merchandise accompanied by relevant thematic props is still very new in India. VM and Displays have a storyboard effect communicating innovatively to the customer besides being a ‘Silent salesman for a retail store’. Objectives

The main Objective is to identify the visual merchandise that plays around among different retailing – Apparel, Book, & Shoe. Importance of Visual Merchandising
Visual Merchandising
Designing a store
Store layouts
Store floor space for merchandise & department
Merchandise Presentation technique
Visual merchandising plays a very important role in marketing the product without any sales staff support. It enhances in the rationale behind buying any product. In today’s day & time, almost all retailers give quality products at affordable prices. Visual Merchandising is the way we can differentiate between the products and create an image which matches to that of the value proposition of the store. It also helps in guiding the buying process of customer which has become a major concern for retailers around the globe. Benefits

The retailers will have a clear picture how to play around with visual merchandising in lieu of the Customer buying behaviour New entrants will be able to define the visual merchandize according to their plan It would benefit me by learning the various aspects of visual merchandising, hence enhancing my enhancing my knowledge on the same.

Visual Merchandising – Current Scenario/ Component
Today's successful retailers make the most profitable use of every square foot of space in the store and in the warehouse. Since this space is so costly, one must take a strategic approach to its use. Floor patterns, location of merchandise, levels of inventory and appropriate displays are all key factors in the proper use of space. Misuse of space can be as detrimental to your...
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