visual litracy

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Visual Literacy

Visual Literacy
The ethnocentric of the Treaty Signing at Medicine Creek Lodge, is representational and nonobjective. According to Sayre, H.M., A World of Art (2010) has two different depictions of the Treaty Signing at Medicine Creek Lodge, where one illustrates a natural illusionistic art compare to convention art. Sayre, H.M., 2010, pp. 38-39, (Fig, 42) John Taylor, (1867,(1) Treaty Signing at Medicine Creek Lodge, subject matter is representational art that is illusionistic, with visual images that places you at the treaty signing. Compared to Sayre, H.M., 2010, pp. 38-39, (Fig, 43) Howling Wolf, (1875-1878, (2), Treaty signing at medicine Creek Lodge, subject matter is nonobjective art that illustrates a conventional representation, that portrays an abstract form.

While both pieces of art depicts the Treaty Signing at Medicine Creek Lodge, as well as the subject matter that portrays the ethnocentric differences from the Anglo American’s view and the American Indian’s view, both pieces of art represents the importance, and significance, of this historical event. Howling Wolf’s, (1875-1878, (2), Treaty Signing at Medicine Creek Lodge, subject matter depicts an honest illustration of the memories that took place on that historic day thru the eyes of Howling Wolf. The colorful palette displays the different tepees separated by the backs of women and men in each tribe, which represents the distinct impression that everyone was captivated by the events of the treaty signing. The colors of each tepee, depicts the diverse attendance of tribes. While the men in the trees depict the honest thoughts of mistrust that Howling Wolf might have thought after experiencing imprisonment. Howling Wolf’s portrayals of the treaty signing from my perspective; says that the men in the trees had twisted their words and created a separation between the tribes. The person in the middle seems to be trapped, while the horse seems to be a...

References: Sayre, H. M. (2010). A World of Art (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
1) John Taylor. (1867). Fig. 42 John Taylor, Treaty Signing at Medicine Creek Lodge, 1867. Drawing for Leslie’s Illustrated Gazette, September–December 1867, as seen in Douglas C. Jones, The Treaty of Medicine Lodge, page xx, Oklahoma University Press, 1966. Retrieved from John Taylor, Art/101-Introduction website.
2) Howling Wolf. (1875-1878). Fig. 43 Howling Wolf, Treaty Signing at Medicine Creek Lodge, 1875–1878. Ledger drawing, pencil, crayon, and ink on paper, 8. Retrieved from Howling Wolf, Art//101-Introduction website.
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