Visual Impairment

Topics: Education, Visual impairment, Sense Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Man’s capacity to use his or her visual mechanism places him or her on top of all creatures in the world. There is no doubt that in the list of the basic human senses, vision is number one, followed by audition or hearing, kinesthesia or touch, olfaction or smell and gustation or taste. Authorities state that although man uses all his senses simultaneously in gathering varied stimuli from the environment, nearly eighty percent (80%) of all knowledge and information that man acquires in his or her lifetime are gained through the visual modality. With the use of human intelligence mainly through vision, man has attained superiority over all other species in the world as shown in the tremendous advances in technology through the centuries. A writer poses two questions on how much man values human sight: “Through the centuries, how many have really appreciated God’s greatest gift to man? Even in this day of modern scientific miracles and educational opportunities, how many really know what the eye really is and what makes it work? To which a third question is added, “How much and how well does a man take good care o his/her vision?”

Teaching children with visual impairment is a big challenge to most parents and teachers. In this study we examined the relative importance of teacher’s psychological states, school organizational conditions (teacher collaboration and participative decision making) , and the leadership practices (vision, individual consideration, and intellectual stimulation) of principles at their schools is explaining variation in teacher’s professional learning. Research that has examined the influence o psychological states on teacher learning, however, has shown that individual factors such as personal teaching efficacy, teacher autonomy and perceived control and teachers sense making affect teacher’s learning. The influence of dimensions of school workplace environments on professional learning appears to be predicted by...
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