Visitors by Brian Moon

Topics: Fiction, Narrative, Style Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: August 14, 2010
The short story Visitors by Brian Moon gives an insight of role reversals in which stereotypes of individuals are challenged. The theme is conveyed through effective use of narrative conventions. Brian Moon has manipulated the characterisation, imagery and dialogue to put forward this theme.

The use of descriptive language in the short story, Visitors, helps to convey the central theme of role reversals. It is through this that readers have an insight of what robbers are suggested to be; professional, precise and polite. This is indicated through the narrative conventions that the author has provided for readers of what the robbers characteristics has transformed into in this alternative world. An example of this can be seen here, ‘Morning madam,’ he replied affably, professionally. ‘This is a robbery.’ (p.7). The use of language in this passage suggests that robbers are polite and are created in the image of a business man. The fact that the robbers aren’t barging into Mrs Morrisons home and violating her home reinforces that Brian Moon has manipulated the narrative conventions in order to highlight the theme of role reversals.

The narrative convention, characterisation, used in Visitors helps develop the main theme of role reversals. In society, we see that burglars are rude, untidy and disrespectful. In Visitors, the first impressions of the robbers were positive, and straight away Brian Moon has challenged our expectations. Brian Moon has manipulated the stereotypes of robbers and reversed them into professional, polite and confident men. This is indicated through the use of language that the author provides in this passage, ‘...gesture that suggested tidiness and precision. There was a professional, competent air about him.’ (p.7). The author has gestured to readers what society is leading up to, having robbers making their victims feel comfortable and gullible. Therefore the narrative convention of characterisation has impacted the theme of role...
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