Borderline by Allan Stratton

Topics: Barack Obama, United States, Federal Bureau of Investigation Pages: 3 (1170 words) Published: November 17, 2013

I'm currently in the midst of reading Allan Stratton's coming of age novel aptly titled Borderline, about a Muslim American boy who wants nothing more than to be accepted in his white suburban community. Out of the blue, the FBI suddenly accuses Sami's dad of being part of an international terrorist plot and things suddenly go from bad to worse when Sami's dad is thrown into jail, and his bullies go from calling him a 'sand monkey' to dumping his head in the toilet. When Sami realizes he has nowhere to turn to, he decides he needs to figure out if his dad is as innocent as he says. He then crosses the American and Canadian border with his friends Andy and Marty, easily on a boat through Thousand Islands. He ends up in downtown Toronto, and manages to lure in this so called terrorists sister, and tells her who his dad is. The woman wastes no time in getting Sami in front of the terrorist, the media was going crazy for. Borderline is a very real, compelling novel about acceptance and how as society we look at others. Allan tackled some very serious issues and carefully wove together some very heart pounding, jaw dropping moments; Such as, when Sami was blindfolded and taken to the location of where the terrorist his dad was accused of helping, was hidden from the FBI. Stratton's strange way of unfolding the plot line was addicting, and enjoyable. The novel examines what it must feel like to be a teenage boy living in an environment in which people of Middle Eastern background are suspect by virtue of their looks and religion. I would personally have been interested in Stratton's take on how these issues play out on our side of the border -as Canadians, we sometimes feel we are more liberal, and less prejudiced than Americans, but that may be a myth- he has clearly done his research on how the U.S. works in terms of terrorism, and citizens who are accused of this wrong doing can find them stripped of their legal rights. This leads me to think, the antagonist is...
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