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Topics: Narrator, Robert Frost, Figure of speech Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: May 4, 2013

The audience gains a greater understanding and appreciation of the consequences and societal issues presented through the author’s texts of changing perspectives. This greater understanding is represented by a wide range of language techniques showing the quality of a change of perspective in life. In the short story ‘Forgotten Jelly’ by Megan Jacobson, it demonstrates how an individual understands the consequences and issues while time progresses, which in turn leads to a change of perspective. Likewise, in the poem ‘Mending Wall’ by Robert Frost, we observe how, as the characters develop, they understand and gradually learn more about the perspective of others and eventually leading to a change of their previous views. The change of perspective in society would eventuallyhave a positive impact on individuals. In the story Forgotten Jelly, the narrator observes how body image is not crucial and that caring for others, has changed a person’s view. The confidence in the narrator’s attitude of her body image is demonstrated through the slogan ‘pretty girls suck’. This carefully illustrates the initial perspective of the narrator, the proud feeling that shadows her insecure image. The narrator changes her perspective of the character Amber in a positive manner because she realises how the issue doesn’t just surround her, but also other people around her. Ultimately, this allows her to see through the superficiality of appearances and reach out for the human within. The regretful attitude towards Amber is highlighted through the truncated sentence “I’m sorry”. This clearly emphasises the remorse that the narrator feels towards Amber and how issues are present in both individuals. Furthermore,the comparison of Amber by the narrator is illustrated through the description “I am bloated, and Amber is the one who nobody bothered to look for”.This clearly outlines that Amber’s issue was immense and the narrator and the people around Amber has not taken noticed...
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