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The visitor attractions sector is an important component of the travel and tourism industry. It is the sector that provides the interest, excitement and activity for tourists when they visit a destination or when they venture out on a day trip. In this assignment I am going to investigate the importance and the impacts of visitor attractions.

The definition of a visitor attraction is:
“..An attraction where it is feasible to charge admission for the sole purpose of sightseeing. The attraction must be a permanently established excursion destination, a primary purpose of which is to allow access for entertainment, interest, or education and can include places of worship (…); rather than being primarily a retail outlet or a venue for sporting, theatrical, or film performances. It must be open to the public, without prior booking, for published periods each year, and should be capable of attracting day visitors or tourists as well as local residents. In addition, the attraction must be a single business, under a single management, so that it is capable of answering the economic questions on revenue, employment etc.” (English heritage, 2013)

LO1Understand the scope and importance of visitor attractions 1.1 Discuss the overlap of visitor attractions in relation to particular types of attraction 1.1.1 Overlap
Overlap is a different type of attraction that was built with propose but without a big expectative to became popular. A good example is London eyes is a big Ferris wheel located on the banks of the river Thames. At the time that the London eyes was opened no-one thought that it would became one of the most popular paid tourism attraction in united kingdom, visited by over 3.5 million people annually. Visitor attractions include: fairground attractions (including theme parks); piers; historic railways; Madame Tussaud’s and the London Eye. 1.1.2 Natural

A Natural attraction is a place of interest where tourists visit, these type of attraction is known as “beauty of the earth”, most of natural attraction have been made by the nature and not been created by human-made. Giving to the visitors a unique “Earth show” this type of attraction are normally link with eco-tourism and sustainable tourism. People love natural attraction for its beautiful lakes, fresh air, valleys, Rocky Mountains and for its peace and quiet. These including beaches (Fraser Island, Queensland, and Australia), caves (Reed Flute Cave, in China), scenic features and wildlife with example such as Grand Canyon, Lake District, and Alps. 1.1.3 Purpose-built

Purpose-built are structures and sites that were designed for a purpose other than attracting visitors. Theme parks, casinos and zoos are among the most visited places globally, although local conditions and admission fees can influence this somewhat. Includes museums (Tate Modern), art galleries (Tate Modern, in Paris), exhibitions centres, casinos (Le Cirque, in Las Vegas), themes parks (Alton Tower in London) and water parks (Aqua park in Spain). 1.1.4 Purpose-built not to attract

These attractions are not originally designed primarily to attract visitor. They were built with other propose, but for a reason or event, the site or place becomes popular by the visitors. Heritage attractions can be include in this type of attraction, there are simply the product of history and cultural development. Such as historic houses (Anne frank house, German), castles (Tower of London, UK) and cathedrals (Sagrada Familia, Barcelona). 1.1.5 Event

The event attraction is different from the others. They happen in different season of the year, site and sometimes change venues. In this category includes sporting events, such as the football World Cup and the Olympic Games. This type of attractions present unique opportunity to promote the host country by encouraging other attraction nearby. They also require a big investment, planning and organization to...
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