Visit to the Historical Place

Topics: Mughal Empire, Pakistan, Lahore Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: December 19, 2013
The word “visit” has of meanings. The first thought that fun sometimes, this reminds us some pleasant moments of glories poet. I also have some precious memories of my visit to the historical city “Lahore”. As Lahore is the second biggest and old city of Pakistan. Therefore it has a great old civilization so, it is natural that we have a desire to see such a beautiful and remarkable memories of our great rules, once I went to Lahore and stayed at my uncle’s house. My cousins decided to go on outing. I wanted to see the historical places. There about which I have read a lot so, all agreed to visit “Jahangir tomb”. We reached there by bus. The magnificent tomb of Jahangir was before our eyes. It was built by “shah Johan” in the memory of his father. It reminds us the glory of the great Mughals. The tomb of Jahangir is situated at “Shah Dora”. It is a place four miles away from Lahore on the eastern bank of river Ravi. The four tall towers of tomb can be seen from a distance. The mausoleum is in the path which is gourde by a high wall. There is a gate way which is gourde by high wall. A fountain in front of the mausoleum sends forth a cool shower of water. We walked in a raised plate on the both sides of the platform. There were beautiful lawns. The place was constructed with small bricks in Mughal style. The material used in it was red and white Marble. The inside decoration was of inlaid work of previous stone. This building is the master piece of art of Mughal builders. There were eight fountains in the buildings. When I left the place, my mind was full of thoughts because I had learnt much from there about Muslim rulers in the subcontinent and I agreed with “bacons”. Where he says,

During the ultimate winter vacations the students of our accumulation visited Moen-jo.Daro, a send of large past pertain one of our teachers also accompanied us.

Moen-jo-Daro is at a distance of seventeen miles from...
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