Landscapes of Pakistan

Topics: North-West Frontier Province, Thunderstorm, Want Pages: 1 (442 words) Published: December 1, 2009
Name: Muhammad yasir

Pakistan is a country which has every aspects of life in it and more on it is the beautiful country in the world It has four climates in it and it has different landscapes in it which is the topic of mine ,now focusing on the greatest landscape of Pakistan called SAIF-UL-MALOOK which is located in the vale of Kaghan .It is the beautiful, cool ,fun and adventure packed spots in the vale of Pakistan, this legendary lake carries a mystic milieu which is refreshing for every soul .the biggest plus point of this lake is that it assessable from all corners of Pakistan which is quiet good for the tourists. I personally called this place a FAIRYLAND .The dazzling green of Danna meadows and the slippery glaciers at tarmac, on the way to Naran and Kaghan is quiet experience. The prince who spotted a mountain fairy bathing in the stream flowing from the lake, and stole her clothes just to tease her but then fell into love with her. The lake is at a distance of six miles from Naran at a height of 10500 ft above sea level, I think. . It’s easily accessible by jeep or by trekking. If you want to trek, you need around two hours. Trekking is real fun. There is huge glacier on the way and crossing it is both adventure and fun. Saif -ul -Malookis one of the beautiful lakes one can imagine to exist on the surface of this earth have no words to describe its beauty,it is surrounded by very lush green huge mountains and this all scenery is quiet much to impress from the beauty of this valley. If anyone will go there. Once can never forget the time that was spent in the company of this enchanting lake. Saif-Ul-Malook is itself is so charming, so luring and so tempting in real that I fall in love with it . There are also some demons too. The thunderstorms, the landslides and the heavy rain though have a romance of their own. It’s a pity there is no proper rest area, no hotel or a guesthouse so I must come back even though I don’t want to (neither the federally...
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