Vision of the future
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Vision of the Future
The society today has many ups and downs, many negative aspects and plenty of positive aspects. Life on earth has gradually changed and what people had thousands of years ago greatly differs from what people have today. Technology has improved people’s lives drastically. In the recent years, people have started from using an abacus to a calculator in a mere transition of 50-60 years. The development of technology is increasing at an alarming rate and people today can do so much more in a blink of an eye. With a click of a key, information can be sent across the world. Technology has improved communication across the globe. The real question is, whether technology has benefitted people more or harmed people more. Technology can be thought as a great advancement and it has simplified the ways people lived greatly, however, at the same time technology has also caused damage to the environment and changed the way people act in both negative and positive ways. What will the future look like? This is a question to ponder. One hundred years from now, society will definitely be different and more advanced than it is today. People will go beyond the imaginable and establish a society that is so simplified that it will either destroy them or allow people to establish world peace.
There are thousands of endless possibilities in how Planet Earth would be changed. To envision the future as a utopia and a perfect society seems too good to be true. I believe that society will change drastically in a period of one hundred year, and it is definitely possible to find peace. However, in order to live in harmony, people must work together to get rid of the injustice, evil, and inequality that exists. Hundreds of years from now, scientific advancements will be made and cancer is likely to have a cure. In fact, hundreds of diseases and disorders will have cures and people will probably have a longer life span. Of course, new diseases are bound to emerge and

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