Topics: Family, Technology, Science Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Is the advance of modern technology beneficial? Benjamin Chen 9(2)

Did you ever watched the movie Wall-E by DreamWorks? Because if you did, you will notice how technologies have destroyed our earth and how technologies have turned us into fat, stupid and slow creatures. Moreover, did you ever notice how people act in trains in China? When one stands in the middle of the crowd, what he can only sees when he raise his head is everyone looking at their phones. The only people who are not on the phones are old grandmas and grandpas chatting happily with each other. The advance of technologies is indeed good, it makes people’s life easier. In the past, a mail needs at least 10 days to travel from a side of the world to the other side; Now, an e-mail needs only a click. Workers worked easier for industry works, friends and families communicate with each others easier, everything become easier with technologies. One day without internet or our phones will make us feel like 10 years outside the society. We are already too dependent on modern technologies, some people stays mostly at home in their whole life. The advance of modern technologies will make us turned into fat humans like the one in movie Wall-E. Continuously the technologies advanced and more and more people preferred to stay at home instead of meeting others outside. We are losing traditions, losing cultures,losing the nature of being a human and we are even losing our purpose of enjoying life. We are becoming too dependent on modern society and if it advances more, we loses more. We lost traditions, natures, cultures, purposes, time and money for one thing, Convenience. If one day in the future, our technologies failed us, what will happen? When technologies stop working, can humans live or can the world work as it always does? Students started using iPads instead of books in schools, families starts to use their phones instead of happily chatting everyday. If people ever...
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