Technological Advancements Benefit Humanity

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Technological Advancements Benefit Humanity
Change in technology happens rapidly on a daily basis. As Schlesinger expresses, “The last two lifetimes have seen more scientific and technological achievement that the first 798 put together”(Schlesinger 41). Whether it deals with cars, travel, medicine, media, or a host of other topics, advancements in technology are occurring all around us. It is up to us whether to accept these changes or not. Many believe that change in technology is a hindrance, causing more problems than solutions. I believe technology has created a safer environment, revolutionized the way we look at different ideas, and resolved many economic problems in industries! In other words, change is inevitable and people should readily accept it.

Specifically, technology has magnified our vision of automobiles. From luxury features to safety features, many things, such as heated seats and voice activation systems, have come from the many years of research and the testing of new technologies. I sincerely believe that with the help of new technologies, a safer and more economical environment has been created. With the inventions of hybrids, flex fuels, and components such as night vision, parking assist, and blind spot sensors, drivers are provided with cleaner and more fuel efficient alternatives, with the added benefit of safety. In fact, the Economist newspaper states that, “Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles promise to be the cleanest mode of transportation, eliminating harmful tailpipe emissions altogether” (Economist). Increasing the number of these vehicles will help to reduce the amount of the pollution in the air, and as a result, reduce destruction and death of plants and animals, as well as, human diseases associated with the lungs.

As well as technology making a substantial impact on the automobiles of today, likewise, there have been extensive improvements in health care equipment. For instance, ultrasounds make it possible to find out...
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