Violence In Video Games

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The Effects of Video Game Violence

Ethan Fougner

National American University


Violence in video games is a problem that is steadily getting worse. It affects adults and children alike and the longer the exposure, the worse the effects are. Addressing this issue is the only way to prevent future generations from suffering the long reaching consequences associated with violence in video games. This paper will discuss the history of where digital violence originated, its advancement, where it is headed, and the long term side effects of violence in video games.

The Effects of Video Game Violence

“Die you stupid little bastard” screamed 11 year old Billy as he finished off the final level of Uncharted3:Drake’s Deception. This type of reaction has become all too common among today’s youth. The world of entertainment is always changing and becoming more advanced every day. It is now possible to immerse yourself in a digital world in what we now call video games, but these video games as we know them are becoming more and more violent. With this increase in violent content, several issues are presented. Extensive playing of violent video games can cause decreased social activity, aggressive behavior, psychological issues, and health problems. Today we will look at where it all started, where it is going, the dangerous side effects, and what must be done to change the outcome before it is too late.

In 1925, a Scottish inventor by the name of John Logie Baird gave the first public demonstration of what we know now as the televevision (TV) in London (Wikimedia). It wasn’t long until there were over 7 million TVs in circulation in America. In 1954, the first long time running TV show, Action in the Afternoon, aired and family members would gather around to watch their favorite gun toting characters. Violence is certainly nothing new to the television set. Not long after the first TV shows came along, people began wondering what it would be like to be the characters in the TV shows, and thus the idea for the video the idea for the video game was born.

Thirty six years later, Steve Russell and Wayne Wiltanen who were both students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), developed the what is considered to be the first shooter game known as Spacewar (Wikemedia). Other games like Space Invaders and Donkey Kong came along later and although these games were limited in interaction and consisted only of 2D images moving across the screen, they were considered advanced and violent for their time. Then came along came Duck Hunt. This was one of one the first interactive games that you could point a toy gun at the TV screen and shoot at animated ducks. Then came along game consoles like the Sega Genesis and the Nintendo 64, which introduced 3D images. This advancement in technology started a rapid progression of realism in video games. Video games could now take on a whole new level of realism and storytelling.

Today’s gaming consoles like the Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, and even the Nintendo WII, you will find a variety of accessories available to enhance your game playing experience. Most notable among these accessories are XBOX’s KINECT and the PLAYSTATION MOVE. These accessories allow you to move about the room and control the video game more naturally as though you were the actual character. Other accessories like guns and swords are also available which make the game experience seem even more real. The personal computer has not been left out either. NVIDEA, a computer graphics company, has developed a pair of wearable glasses that enable you to enter a 3D virtual reality environment while playing certain compatible video games.

Even though many advancements have been made in video games, producers and players are still...

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