violence in sports

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Violence In Sports
We all know that violence comes into sports. What would a Saturday afternoon on the football field be like without the odd punch up on the field? How would we get our hockey fix if the players did not get a little rough every so often? And what would we do if instead of running into each other, our NFL heroes politely squeezed passed the defensive line uttering, "pardon me" before making their way to the touchdown. Violence is a part of sports, no matter how much the professional associations deny the fact. Violence in sports is a form of entertainment and with out it watching sports on the TV wouldn’t be the same. Lets look at the facts, plenty of football matches involve the post-tackle, and the referee will try and break it up, but hopefully and usually to no benefit. As football has grown wider, it has also increased the violence in the game. To measure its violence different scientific studies have been done. According to the reports, injuries in the game reduce the life expectancy of a football professional player by about twenty years. It has been calculated that the force of the collision between a fast-running lineman and an equally fast-running back, in a football game, is enough to move 33 tons one inch. A hard hit on the helmet can approach a force of 1000Gs, which is a thousand times the force of gravity. The injury statistics for high school, college, and pro football are pretty surprising. Each season at least fifty and as many as eighty-six out of every hundred high school football players receive injuries serious enough to keep them from playing for more than a week. About thirty-two college and high school students become paralyzed from the waist down each year as a result of football injuries. Any boy who plays the game through high school and college has a 95 percent chance of serious injury. Of 108 freshmen football recruits at the University of Iowa over a four-year period, more than one-third suffered serious...
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