High School Football

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No football isn’t too dangerous for high school students. Yet some young kids do get hurt while playing but that's part of the game. In any kind of sport such as soccer, basketball, baseball and football there's going to be a sport related injury. Football is a sport played worldwide that is played and watch. Football might be the leading cause of sports-related injuries but with a new approach of hitting and practicing could help prevent these injuries.
How Dangerous Is High School Football?High school football is the leading cause of sports related injuries. From 2005- 2006 football players sustained more than half a million injuries nationally. A study conducted by CIRP at CCH compared high school and collegiate football injuries. This
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is a head trauma induced disease linked to depression, impulse-control problems, memory loss, and dementia. The thing that is being done that could prevent this from happening to make football safer is improved helmet technology, coaches need to do a better job of making sure players with head injuries to stay off the field. Reduce hitting time at practice. Michael Oriard a former N.F.L player who was written several books about football states, “I definitely think the game can be made safer,” “But can it be made safe enough? I’m not so sure.” The solution that the N.F.L is considering to prevent harmful injuries is to change the frequency and structure of its practices to reduce head trauma. This would benifit for high school football as well.
With Proper Oversight, Youth. Football could be Safe. There is already changes being put in motion to keep the youth game safe to make sure that the youth will be in no danger of head injuries. Some of these changes come from the sport medicine expert Mark Lovell. Mark Lovell founded the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Sports Medicine Concussion Program. Lovell quoted in this article, “Recommends several changes to limit concussions: 1.Have doctors and trainers on the field who understand the Injury. 2.Use standardized concussion tests to determine if an
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3.Ease injured athletes back into play gradually. 4.Monitor injured players long term.” These are some of the high school changes there are making to prevent concussions.

Here is why I believe football is not too dangerous to be played in high school. We could have doctors and trainers on the field who understand the
Injury. Improving helmet technology is a good place to start. coaches could to do a better job of making sure any player with a head injury stays off the field long enough. But with proper coaching, conditioning, equipment, and limitations on contact, football can be

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