Violence In Kingdom Come

Topics: Suicide, Abuse, Crime, Death, Bullying, Mental disorder / Pages: 6 (1402 words) / Published: Apr 11th, 2016
Violence has been taught since childhood, everywhere people go, everywhere people look, violence is surrounding us in daily life. Throughout the years violence has become a dangerous trend. People use violence everyday as a sense of protection and even because it seems like the thing to do. Violence is so widespread it has become normal, and society is slowly becoming numb to the idea that violence is making our world worse. Many innocent people are being killed and questions are not being asked as well as the right actions are not being taken for the people using violence illogically. When reports come in saying someone was murdered there is always an excuse for a criminal’s actions. Usually the person is mentally ill, had a rough childhood, or saw things as a child that made them use violence. Whether a person is in their right mind or not, violence is not acceptable. Violence is unsafe for our world and makes society live in fear because they worry about the possibility of dying each day. Living in a world where a culture of violence is accepted as the norm will always bring fear to the world. This violence makes us feel like the end is near, and as time goes on it will bring about an apocalypse. …show more content…
In the novel Kingdom Come, authors Mark Waid and Alex Ross depict a culture of violence and the Apocalypse to illustrate that loss of humanity through violence ultimately leads up to Apocalypse, which cleanses the chaos and restores

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