Kingdom Come: The Destruction Of The World

Topics: Christianity, New Testament, Book of Revelation, Christian terms, Jesus / Pages: 6 (1381 words) / Published: Apr 11th, 2016
Kingdom Come raises the literary theme of Apocalypse through its illustration of utter destruction of the world. Apocalypse is the complete final destruction of the world that involves damage on a catastrophic scale. It is described in detail in the biblical book of Revelation. The article “Book of Revelation” in Wikipedia explains that the book contains multiple visions, one of which includes “the end of the world … in which Satan’s rule through Man is destroyed by the Messiah” (e.p. 1). The “end of the world” refers to the dreams that the Apostle John received from God, giving him insight on how the world will come to finish. The reason for the destruction of the world is to cease “Satan’s rule through Man”. “Satan” is the most evil and craftiest being that God created. “Man” …show more content…
The world is cruel, heartless, violent, and they are from Satan. However, God’s people are those who have not become accustomed with them. Instead, the saints are against all the corruption from the world. Therefore, God separates the two; his saints and the people of the evil one, at the end of age. God will bring his people who have suffered on earth to heaven, and condemn the people of Satan into eternal hell. The novel Kingdom Come distinctly depicts the latter part of the Apocalypse, that is the part of salvation. When the nuclear bomb blew up the metahumans at war, Spectre notes that “there were survivors. They are fewer in number, and their pain is great … but their war is over” (Waid and Ross 189). The “survivors” refer to the metahumans that were able to escape the impact of the nuclear bomb, meaning Superman, and everybody in Green Lantern’s forcefield. This correlates to the “survivors” mentioned in the bible, pertaining to the saints of God who will be saved. Spectre continues to explain that the ones who survived are “fewer in number” than those who died. This alludes to the

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