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Nowadays, school violence becomes a serious problem in many countries. Especially in Vietnam, there r more and more SV with more serious consequence. Everybody usually thinks that school is a peaceful place, but now the risk of dangerous is lucking? Our children. So, what should we do to protect our children? First, we have to find out the causes of SV. After that, we can expose some solutions. In short, what I want to talk abs today is cause and solution of SV.

Let’s start with some reason why SV happens. Today I’ll share 4 reasons with u. The most important reason is that family. The students who have lack of interest from family tend to use violence to solve problem. Their parents go to all day; they provide them only materials go to all day. In contrast, they pamper / indulge their children so much. They don’t pay attention to their children’s change. Sometimes the students need someone to share their emotion ab life, friend, love… but no one can share with them. They have felt in depression. They can’t do anything to solve their problem, and they will use violence.

The second one is not less important. This is school. What I want to talk here is the teacher. Being a teacher, a good eg for students, they must have professional conscience. Nowadays, most of them follow the magic of money, they don’t care ab their student. Sometimes they use violent action to deal w/ student. Dedication, sincere love of the teacher will directly impact on their behavior and perception of other pp.

The 3rd reason is game. According to Mr. Lê Thắm, the principal of Nguyễn Du School, the student have more chance to approach the online game. Because the game on the internet up to 75% is fight, kill. They have to role-playing in the game, whole savage kicking scene. And they r joyful, satisfy when they can defeat their competitor. These violent games r slowly destroying their soul and personality, turning them into violent people.

Next, I want to mention the effect...
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