Family Violence

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1.) Based on your reading of this chapter, how would you define family violence?

Family violence occurs in many forms; the most prominent are domestic violence, child abuse, and elder abuse. Family violence affects many persons at some point in their life and constitutes the majority of violent acts in our society. Family violence requires that a relationship exist between the parties before, during and after the incident of the family violence. Family violence differs within each family and is any act committed between family or household members, which are intended to result in physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or is a threat that place the person in fear of immediate physical harm or bodily injury.

2.) What is the most accurate method to measure the incidence of family violence? Why is this method more reliable than others?

The Conflict Tactics Scale (CTS) measures the prevalence of family violence. The scale is based on the premise that conflict is an inevitable aspect of all human association, and that the use of coercion (including force and violence) as a conflict-resolution tactic is harmful. The CTS focuses on conflict tactics being a method used to advance one's own interest. The CTS is oriented towards behaviors, not attitudes, and seeks to measures the behavior of both the respondent and their partner. The CTS also measures three variables by using the rational discussion and agreement; the use of verbal and nonverbal expressions of hostility, and the use of physical force or violence. The CTS can be conducted in-person interview, via telephone interview, a self-administered questionnaire, or through the use of a computer-administered questionnaire. 3.) Which of the theories discussed in this chapter appears to offer the most hope for understanding the cause of family violence? Why is that theory more complete or acceptable than the others? Although there is not one theory that identifies a single cause or multiple cause of family violence, I would point out that The General Systems Theory focuses on the system's structure instead of on the system's function, and suggests that family violence is a result of a system rather than individual pathology of family members. General systems theory describes the processes that characterize the use of violence in family interactions and explains the way in which violence is managed and stabilized.

4.) What should we do about violence in the media? Which argument carries the most weight?

Television, music, video games, music videos, and movies all have a direct impact on everyday lives. The question becomes who do we place the blame on? No one willingly accepts responsibility; whether it is the writers or the directors, the television and movie executives, or the advertisers. The first step would be for the directors, producers and all involved in the production of the Television, music, video games, music videos, and movies can take responsibility for their production of such material that infuriates society. Parents and guardians must be hid responsible for the movies, videos, games, and music that are permitted within their home. One of the positive benefits of television as noted by Wallace is that television can be effective in the development of a variety of academic skills such as reading, math, and other skills.

5.) Is the cycle of violence theory valid? Why? Why not?
The cycle of violence theory asserts: that violent behavior is learned within the family and bequeathed from one generation to the next. This becomes a never ending chain of violence that is passed from one generation to the next. This would mean that behaviors are learned from observation. This would lead a person to believe that violence is the way to deal with conflict. Pro-social behavior can be learned in the same way as more negative behavior, such as aggression; and if aggression is learned behavior it is possible to modify or change such behavior....
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