Do You Believe the Media or the Internet Is/Are Responsible for Real-Life Violence?

Topics: Crime, Violence, Assault Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: November 17, 2010
Do you believe the media or the Internet is/are responsible for real-life violence?

How many times, while watching television, have you seen a dead body or someone being killed? Countless, because violence makes money. It sells! However does this mean that the media is to blame for the growing number of violent crimes in our country? I don’t think so! Many of today’s television shows would be taken off the air if there wasn’t some sort of violence on them. Take the show “Grey’s Anatomy” for example, they don’t always show you how their patients become injured but they always show you the victims at their worst times. In the show “Criminal Mind’s” They never show the killer actually killing the victim, because that would ruin the whole show, but they always show the crime scene when it is first discovered. Meaning, that there are dead bodies and lots of blood everywhere. The point is violence is one of the many things that human beings think is exciting, and usually when we conceive something as being exciting we try to either watch or carry out that act as much as possible. Violence among young people today is a mixture of many things. The parents of these kids do not connect enough with their children to realize that they are troubled. High school students make life a living hell for anyone who goes there, even the popular kids, everyone gets made fun of at some point. Television and video games are so much easier for kids to play than something that means they would have to sweat, and therefore they see violence on a daily basis. Lastly the Internet is the single most used source for teenagers in the United States, and on the Internet is anything that you can desire. Violence is what is desired, and at some point in every young boy’s life they want to know about it. Experience tells me that at some point in every teenage boy’s life they feel they need to experiment with some sort of violence of reckless endangerment. In mine and my friend’s case, we would...
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