Vigilance Case Study

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I Why is this case about conflict? What conflicts do you see developing?

The Vigilance Project Case is such an interesting case study tackling different kinds of conflict. From the cultural conflict, interpersonal conflict, conflict within the team, conflict due to physical proximity, relational distances and biases. An overview about the case, PharMed International, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies established when two formidable pharmaceutical companies, ValMed and PharmCo combined. Officially it’s a merger but in practice it better might have been described as an acquisition of ValMed, a Swiss based company with extensive US operations by PharmCo, French based company. PharMed is required to keep detailed records of how its drugs perform. With that, a database system called VIGILANCE was introduced to track and record adverse events associated with the use of its products under development and already in the market. Vigilance will be used by division employees and as well as to generate report to provide various regulatory agencies around the world. It is a two-year project by US and French based core team which is responsible for designing and implementation. This is where conflict started since the case deals with two different factors interacting that affect conflict and team performance. These include contextual issues like a merger, cultural values and physical location. It also includes team dynamics, leadership, intrapersonal, interpersonal needs and concerns. Both companies are into pharmaceutical industry but they differ in cultural orientation, way of communication and management style. The team struggles to collaborate effectively because of conflict over how work gets done when the team was not able to meet for more discussions on how they would proceed as a team. Conflict base on interpersonal relationships also arise when the communication lead presented a communication plan to the core. One instance was during the teleconferencing, Mr. Didier (French, Project Manager of Vigilance), so quiet and presented little comments on the plan. But after that he called Frank (American, Communication Lead Head) and said that nothing has to be presented at the meetings without his knowledge. Because of this, the latter felt that his discretion and expertise are being undermined. Second instance, although they came up to have teleconference meeting, still it is not successful because the type is information sharing only and does not let the members participate in the discussion. In every meeting, members’ ideas are important, it should be analyzed and discussed to weigh if it is important and will contribute to the project’s success.

Conflicts based in group identity. To what extent are the core team members in the case establishing a team identity?

• How would you describe interdependence among the members of this project team? Include in your response the core team and overall project team.

The Core Team members are a combination of a pooled, reciprocal and sequential interdependence. Pooled since they shared some common resources but each has own job apart from others. Reciprocal because there is a dynamic interaction between the teams. And sequential, since team work independently and the result is the sum of the parts; build on what others have done and hand off the work. Common information of the group is shared by the Communication Lead, while the Training Lead share this common resource information for training purposes, an example of a pooled interdependence. Global IS and the user leads who are...
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